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Model wearing BCBG outfit
BCBG is a luxury womenswear label, beloved for decades as an outfitter for high-profile events such as weddings, proms, and anniversaries. The brand approached Half Helix for support evolving their digital experience. They experienced pain points with their Shopify 1.0 site, which had an abundance of apps and was heavily reliant on the CMS tool to maintain. The Half Helix team built a strong trusting relationship with BCBG, which enabled them to effectively propose the best tech stack, make recommendations for design best practices, and provide guidance on decision-making. We transitioned their site to Shopify 2.0 within two months, creating flexibility with features, efficiency for their in-house team, and a lowered operating cost. Given the scale of the brand, the project required a meticulous understanding of the brand’s needs while balancing its diverse channels, including in-store retail, wholesale, and various retail partners. The Half Helix team ensured the new site told their rich brand story while increasing product discoverability and showcasing all the channels where clients can shop their fashion line.
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