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Various Fellow kettle and grinder sitting on a countertop
San Francisco brand Fellow offers game-changing streamlined coffee brewing appliances and accessories. Looking to optimize and diversify their e-commerce offering, the brand commissioned the Half Helix team to launch a subscription program with Recharge that could offer curated coffee beans from third-party roasters to its customer base just in time for Black Friday. Recharge’s seamless integration and customization capabilities allowed the team to pull off the initiative within a month. The success of the launch led to continued collaborations between Fellow and the Half Helix team, working on the brand’s PDP approach, content, and sales strategies.
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+108% Revenue

+98% Subscription Average Order Value

+7% Conversion Rate

About Fellow

Fellow is on a mission to help people brew ridiculously good coffee at home. Inspired by the need for high quality equipment to properly brew high quality coffee, Fellow brings the confidence of the specialty coffee world into the lives of everyday coffee lovers, from beginners to enthusiasts.