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A family sits at a table outdoors eating while wearing Gobi cashmere
For over 40 years, GOBI has produced exceptional raw cashmere garments in Mongolia. As they’re branching out into European and North American markets, they needed a new web shop to help get them there. From sourcing materials responsibly and locally, to manufacturing all of their own products, through self-distribution, GOBI’s brand is built on traceability, sustainability, and quality. But this story wasn’t being told through their previous site, and without an in-house designer, they were struggling to properly highlight their products and brand. That’s where the Domaine team came in, building a best-in-class web store with intuitive navigation, impactful product storytelling, and beautiful representation of GOBI’s virtuous brand values. Nominated for an Awwward, the site measures up with the quality of the products, and is sure to help take GOBI’s success to greater heights.
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