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Two embroidered Paravel bags sitting on rocks shot on a gradient background with orange slices
Creators of the very first carbon-neutral suitcase, Paravel has made a name for itself as a best-in-class luggage company for environmentally-minded travelers. Made with upcycled and recycled materials, their products are great for travels near and far, and built to last. It’s safe to say that a brand with this much integrity needed an exceptional web store to match. The Domaine team moved the site from headless to Shopify 2.0 by simplifying the admin experience while retaining the flexibility Paravel needed to craft both product and brand content. And while they were at it, they implemented a suite of new features to make the shopping experience simple and smooth for customers. From bundle options to personalized products and international shopping, purchasing great luggage from Paravel is now as exciting as planning your next getaway.
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