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Woman lying down on red concrete in a Xirena outfit
Xírena, founded by Creative Director Dierdre Roffoni, is a Californian fashion brand born out of wanderlust. With a timeless and effortless aesthetic, Xírena is known for its iconic red bar tack and delivers on their promise of the softest fabrics and comfortable silhouettes. They approached the team at Half Helix looking to enhance their online presence. Dissatisfied with their existing website's limited sections and underperforming PDP, Xírena sought a modernized experience that would effectively convey their rich brand and product story. The all-female Domaine team designed and developed a beautiful and performant new site for Xírena, with the user-friendly interface they needed to empower non-technical brand operators to make changes, create new sections, and easily merchandise products. With additional features such as accessibility optimizations, a highly customizable backend, pre-merchandising functionality, and the launch of internationalization, Half Helix delivered a modernized website that exceeded Xírena's expectations and positioned the brand for continued growth in the fashion industry.
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