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Creating new revenue streams while shaping brand experience in the premium coffee market


San Francisco brand Fellow offers game-changing streamlined coffee brewing appliances and accessories. Looking to optimize and diversify their e-commerce offering, the brand commissioned the Half Helix team to launch a subscription program with Recharge that could offer curated coffee beans from third-party roasters to its customer base just in time for Black Friday. Recharge’s seamless integration and customization capabilities allowed the team to pull off the initiative within a month. The success of the launch led to continued collaborations between Fellow and the Half Helix team, working on the brand’s PDP approach, content, and sales strategies.


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Introducing coffee subscriptions

Using the Recharge platform, the Half Helix team developed a subscription model for craft coffee beans to be delivered at a frequency of the customers’ choice. They have the option to choose from three roast levels, with Fellow selecting the curated coffee beans that accompany each option. To add a gifting option, the team worked closely with the Govalo platform, deep diving into anomalous edge cases such as ensuring the gift recipient would not be responsible for shipping fees and could prolong their subscription even after the gifted period had elapsed. Canal was integrated to ensure Fellow could easily carry products from third-party roasters, lowering the risk by not carrying inventory while researching what their customers wanted. The efficiency of these collaborative efforts allowed the subscription program to be rolled out in less than half the time normally required.

Desktop screenshot from Fellow's site showing the coffee subscription feature

Redesigning product detail pages

The Half Helix team performed a redesign of Fellow’s PDPs with the goal of augmenting the brand identity, modernizing the look and feel, and implementing advanced shopping tools. This was achieved by showcasing high-appeal brand assets to reinforce the brand aesthetic, as well as adding modules with features such as model comparison and technical spec display. This created new avenues to tell Fellow’s vibrant brand story while delving deep into the technical advantages of their premium products. The new PDP design recently launched and the Half Helix team is moving to an iterative approach for additional features, conducting A/B testing to assess the added value of the new look and feel.

Desktop screenshot from Fellow's Opus grinder product page

Debuting a pre-order option

Fellow recently introduced the affordably-priced Opus grinder, targeting a new market with their new all-in-one solution. The grinder proved to be an extremely successful launch and instantly sold out upon release. To build on the momentum of this high-profile launch, the Half Helix team quickly developed a pre-order option on Fellow’s website using the PreProduct platform. This allowed Opus sales to continue regardless of its in-stock quantity, ensuring no loss of revenue.

Desktop screenshot from Fellow's site showing grinder comparisons
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