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Giving Peloton’s fans something to rave about with a brand new shopping experience.


Peloton champions immersive, community-based experiences around challenging workouts. Getting people pumped up about exercise is no easy task, but Peloton leverages their engaged community and game-changing product to do just that. In the process, they created a fanbase so loyal that branded Peloton apparel sells out in minutes. Domaine worked with the Peloton team to build a bespoke, high-performing shopping experience inspired by the community’s sense of motivation, inspiration, and affirmation. Thanks to the intuitive UI and optimized performance, the site supported over 250,000 simultaneous sessions just hours after launch.


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Global reach and impact

As a brand with worldwide appeal, our team developed region-specific apparel stores for the US, Canada, Germany, and the UK, with support for multiple languages and currencies.

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An exceptional mobile experience

With two-thirds of sales coming from mobile traffic, building a flawless mobile site was critical to Peloton Apparel’s success. An intuitive user experience, beautiful minimalist design, and incredibly fast speeds are some of the ingredients that keep customers coming back.

Fast browsing, guaranteed

In today’s world of instant everything, online shoppers have little tolerance for old, slow loading sites. After Peloton Apparel’s site was developed, Half Helix spent weeks reviewing and optimizing its performance. The result is one of the fastest loading ecommerce experiences built on Shopify–regardless of device or browser.

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Optimizing for conversions

With coveted items selling out in minutes, beauty and performance weren’t the only areas of focus: users need to be able to land on the site and checkout in seconds. Half Helix partnered with the Peloton team to create an optimized experience that enables customers to purchase what they need quickly–or linger for a while longer if they wanted to explore the collection outside of the big drops.

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