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Tea Forté

Making it easier to ship items to multiple addresses in a few simple clicks.


Tea Forté knows their customers well, and knew they needed to offer a revamped shopping experience ahead of the holidays. Implementing Multi Ship functionality was a game-changer, prompting customers to send items to several recipients at once, rather than submitting multiple orders. Though this feature is not available through Shopify, the team at Half Helix worked around the platform’s limitations and created this unique technical solution to deliver on customer needs. And this impact will last beyond the holiday season, as Tea Forté frequently sees purchases for corporate gifting and large-scale event gifting.


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An exceptional customer experience

Beyond the unique Multi Ship functionality, Half Helix implemented gift with purchase and discount scripts so customers can make the most of their holiday shopping. Customers can now combine free shipping with a promotion, and benefit from both percentage and dollar amount discounts with the purchase of select items or a select number of items. And, they get a gift of their choice when their cart meets a certain dollar amount.

Desktop screenshot of Tea Forté's shopping cart, featuring multi-ship

Refresh to search and product filtering

Tea Forté has a big inventory, and they wanted customers to find what they were looking for easily. The team added suggestive search using Algolia, and updated product filtering options to help serve customers with various preferences. Products can now be sorted through parameters like featured items, best sellers, and customer rating, and filtered with categories like tea type, caffeine level, and flavor.

Desktop screenshot of Tea Forté's PLP highlighting robust product filters

A simplified back-end for easier updates

Building a whole new customer experience with Shopify meant creating a more accessible back-end, too, leaving Tea Forté’s team less developer-dependent for merchandising and promotional updates. The Half Helix team worked hard to maintain the customizations that they loved, without the complexities that slowed down their day-to-day website management.

Desktop screenshot of Tea Forté's 'Add Shipping Address' feature

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