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3 women posing in FIGS scrubs


FIGS is one of the most successful D2C brands, due to their success in disrupting the entire healthcare apparel category.


FIGS asked Tomorrow to support digital product innovation across a range of initiatives. Our "one team" model collaborates on everything from marketing and product campaigns, to innovative features, and technology strategy and process.


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Kits as a Quick Win

Our deep experience building kits made it a great place to show value quickly. But with every design and implementation we add something new, in this case a content slot that gives voice to the community of caregivers who are the core of the FIGS brand.

Design Systems: An Atomic Approach

While tasked with redesign projects throughout the FIGS site, we ran a concurrent UI Evolution workstream in order to create a meaningful foundation to all of our design decisions.

FIGS icon system
Highlight of an antimicrobial icon
Screenshot from FIGS site, showing material details

Rethinking Performance Fabric

Brining performance and luxury fabric into a new market is a core value proposition for FIGS. We designed, developed, and launched the new landing page that communicates this vision with an entirely new icon set that we created.

Mobile screenshot of the FIGS site, showing material details
Man wearing FIGS scrubs
Woman wearing FIGS scrubs

Content Hub Creation

There are only a few brands who have the opportunity to create a meaningful connection to such a specific community as FIGS has with healthcare professionals. Tomorrow was tasked with designing and building the content platform that services this unique and broad customer base.

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