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Fresh Cut Paper

Bringing new personalization tools to Fresh Cut Paper


Fresh Cut Paper create 3D bouquets made entirely of paper, offering all the beauty of a real flower bouquet without the maintenance or wilting. These serve as lovely gifts for any milestone in a loved one's life, which is why they came to Half Helix to further expand upon that offering. Because the brand’s product is often sent as a gift to multiple recipients, Half Helix was enlisted to develop multi-ship functionality for their Shopify store and introduce product personalization with gift cards, optimizing customer experience with the ultimate goal of increasing average order value and conversion.


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Integrating multi-ship functionality

Being the first Shopify Plus agency to resolve the multi-ship limitation for client Tea Forté, Half Helix was sought out to implement the same feature for Fresh Cut Paper. This allows customers to place orders going out to multiple addresses. The updated checkout suite lets customers set a distinct destination address for each individual item in their cart, with the added flexibility of grouping items going to a single address. The multi-ship feature also lets customers quickly select from a list of saved addresses and pick a specified shipping rate for each shipping destination. The convenience of multi-ship boosts average order value by eliminating the need for customers to complete multiple rounds of checkouts and creates a more intuitive flow that customers will appreciate and return to.

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Introducing bundling and refining discounts for multi-ship orders

The Half Helix team further refined Fresh Cut Paper’s multi-ship feature by adding the possibility of including bundled products. In previous instances, sending bundled products to different addresses within one checkout transaction proved difficult, but this project found the Half Helix team overcoming this obstacle. This gives Fresh Cut Paper the ability to include a gift card with every bouquet, while ensuring the correct order is being fed to the warehouse. The multi-ship feature also supports percentage, dollar, and quantity-based discounts for either entire orders or specific items within a multi-ship order, as well as free shipping offers at applicable locations. The customer is therefore assured access to all relevant cost-saving opportunities, regardless of the complexity of their order.

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Card customization for more personalized gifting

To build on the gift-giving appeal of Fresh Cut Paper’s product, Half Helix developed a feature allowing customers to choose a custom gift card to pair with their paper bouquet. With many design and text options available, the customer can filter card front designs by occasion and include either their own personalized message or choose from a selection of pre-written material. Design parameters such as fonts, font colors, alignment, and size can be edited by the customer if desired, with a live preview. The selection of preset designs and corresponding messages can also be handled on the admin side through a custom Shopify app that feels native on the backend. This added feature ensures that customers can make the most of their purchase by ensuring it perfectly suits the occasion.

Desktop screenshot of Fresh Cut Paper's card personalizer
Several Fresh Cut Paper bouquets sitting on a table

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