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Model wearing Gabriela Hearst, walking down a fashion runway

Gabriela Hearst

Gabriela Hearst has built a brand on the principles of timelessness, uncompromising quality and sustainability.


Domaine is honored to have been selected as her partner on the brand’s digital evolution, starting with the initial launch of her iconic bag.


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An Iterative Approach to Redesign

Using a sprint-based design & development philosophy, we are creating a new merchant-forward architecture, highlighting unique content, and breathing new life into the digital experience.

Detail of Gabriela Hearst Bag
Gabriela Hearst portrait

The Handbag Visualizer 
& Navigation Updates

We’ve re-architected the navigation primarily to expose a new Featured section more prominently. During this process we gave her iconic handbags a more visual treatment. The new navigation highlights a new Featured section, where hand-picked product selections and accompanying content are exposed. Internal ad banners have been added, and a unique horizontal listing that works the same on desktop as it does on mobile.

Gabriela Hearst BTS
Desktop screenshot of Gabriela Hearst's global sections

A Flexible and Shoppable Content Strategy

With our customized code, we’ve developed blog functionality that allows for a flexible section structure, followed by a merchandised product grid. These 4 templates, with hundreds of combinations, provides the GH team with a large range of storytelling vehicles with which to reach her customers.

PLP Optimizations

A common debate internally at brands is whether to show On Body or Laydown imagery on a product listing page. For GH, we developed a toggle that allows the customer to switch between the two. Also in this sprint we developed a new system for hover states on desktop, and product-tile-swipe functionality on mobile. Additionally - we added two new “in-house ad” units for the PLP, a single and a double-sized version.

Mobile UI of PLP
Product Detail Page on Desktop and Mobile

Product Detail Page Optimizations

In a few short weeks we added three new features to the PDP to accompany the launch of handbag sales, her iconic product. Pre-Order, Monogramming, Book an Appointment

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