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Aristic shot of two women wearing Ulla Johnson dresses

Ulla Johnson

Developing Ulla Johnson’s thrillingly unusual brand experience


A brand as unique as Ulla Johnson needed an ecommerce experience that captured its distinct identity, while still driving conversions. The ambitious vision was brought to life through densely layered pages, elegant animations, and a customer-centric focus.


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Densely layered pages

Full-bleed images and overlays make for a sumptuous browsing experience to match the brand’s identity. Multiple paths to purchase and clear messaging keep conversions front and center, which has led the brand to dramatically increase sales since the update.

Desktop screenshot of Ulla Johnson's homepage hero

A fruitful collaboration for design

We partnered with the designers at Ania et Lucie to create a virtual home for designer Ulla Johnson’s line of women’s clothing. The result is an online store that matches the attention to detail and polished finishes of each garment crafted by the brand.

Desktop screenshot of Ulla Johnson's about page

Building a complex backend integration

The Ulla Johnson online storefront is just one of the designer’s sales channels. To connect the site with two boutiques and an ERP system, we built a custom Rails integration that keeps Shopify in sync as orders pass through for fulfillment.

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