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A headless re-platforming collaboration with Hawthorne


Hawthorne is an innovative presence in the self-care industry, offering unique luxury grooming and fragrance products as well as personalized regimens based on an individual’s specific needs. Led by a small yet highly dedicated team, the brand was self-managing its website using a headless CMS but was struggling to maintain their content. Hawthorne reached out to Half Helix for consultation and strategy, and the team led the brand to a complete replatforming from Wordpress to Storyblok and from WooCommerce to Shopify.


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Rebuilding the e-commerce experience

Taking a mostly design agnostic approach, the Half Helix team performed a rebuild of the Hawthorne website. Components were structured to be flexible in order to take on redesign shapes if necessary. Keeping in mind that the technology would ultimately be handed off to Hawthorne’s in-house team, special attention was paid to organizing and simplifying the website’s coding and ensuring that all changes were clear and traceable. The Half Helix rebuild of Hawthorne’s website improved the site speed significantly, an impressive feat for a headless site.

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Implementing Storyblok CMS

The Half Helix team migrated Hawthorne from WordPress to Storyblok headless CMS. Dynamic blocks and reusable content formats were structured to bring new flexibility and interactivity to various product pages and the overall e-commerce experience. Features such as real-time content previews in the CMS editor make website adjustments more intuitive for non-developer team members, creating a more maintainable and customizable website. The dynamic blocks implemented by Half Helix are easily reused across different PLPs and PDPs, allowing for an overall faster-paced and approachable rollout for new content.

Desktop screenshot of Hawthorne's Citrus and Woody Collection bundle

Migrating bundles to Shopify

Hawthorne was on WooCommerce but the Half Helix team replatformed them to Shopify. This involved collaborating with third-party logistics provider Rubyhas to ensure that data communication would adapt to the change, specifically in relation to bundle purchases. While bundles are a key feature of the Hawthorne shopping experience, they were originally added to cart as individual items. Half Helix’s restructuring allowed the bundles to exist under individual SKUs for improved checkout flow and a simplified customer journey.

Desktop screenshot of Hawthorne's PLP for bundle products
Studio shot of various Hawthorne products against a dark green background

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