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Package Free

An information-based, accessible shopping experience for Package Free customers


Started by environmental advocate Lauren Singer, Package Free is on a mission to reduce consumer waste and provide the most sustainable versions of daily-use products. A brand of such integrity needs a powerful web store — and that’s where the Half Helix team stepped in. From bringing the brand’s identity into each element to providing an informative shopping experience, it was essential that the site be true to the mission, accessible, flexible, and fast. With limited single-product purchasing, educational content for every product, and 100% plastic-free shipping, waste reduction is baked into every piece of Package Free’s new shop.


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Information-based shopping

Because of Package Free’s mission to empower waste-free living, transparency is essential to the shopping experience they want to deliver. It’s important for customers to feel knowledgeable and informed about the products they’re purchasing, so the Half Helix team ensured ratings, reviews, badges, discount codes, content, and variants were all easy to access — while keeping a balanced and clean presentation.

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Clean design and strong brand identity

Package Free’s branding was developed by Humans, and the Half Helix team worked hard to integrate it into the site’s overall design and functionality. From the homepage’s carousel to the shop’s navigation and product cards, everything is true to the Package Free brand. While the shop hosts multiple labels, the brand identity is present in every page and module, and home brand products are put front and center.

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Accessible, mobile-first, and fast

The web store needed to meet high standards of accessibility while remaining flexible and mobile-first. Throughout the entire production, the Half Helix team continuously tested the site to ensure a 97%+ lighthouse accessibility score. Headless development meant the team was able to create a library of modules to produce pre-built and custom pages in the future. All of this, and a high-speed experience.

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