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Ariana Grande wearing r.e.m. beauty products

r.e.m. beauty

Developing a dreamy, superspeed experience for Ariana Grande’s R.E.M beauty line


With Ariana Grande’s enormous fan base excitedly awaiting R.E.M beauty’s launch, the site had to deliver—and it had to keep up. Extensive optimization and testing assured high performance, while quantity limiting meant that no customer clicked away with an empty cart.


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Simple navigation for a complex user

Flexible filtering options help meet the varying tastes and preferences of R.E.M’s client base. Meanwhile, delight-inducing features like wishlists, reviews, a ‘get the look’ tool, and unique content on every product page inspire more confident purchasing.

Desktop screenshot of r.e.m.'s shoppable look section

Mobile-first without sacrifice

For a primarily mobile user base, every aspect of design and development had to be mobile-first from start to finish. The site underwent thorough testing across browsers and devices to be sure it was working perfectly everywhere before launch.

Built for seriously high traffic

Speed and performance were top of mind given the high traffic a mega celebrity like Ariana Grande was sure to draw in. ‘Peak state’ switchers meant select features could be swiftly turned off as needed to avoid any delays during an influx.

Desktop screenshot of r.e.m.'s product page
Diptych of a model wearing r.e.m. beauty products and an individual product shot

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