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Redeem App

Exploring new innovations in Web3


Redeem simplifies Web3 by allowing individuals to store and access blockchain wallets using their personal phone number. Redeem’s co-founders apply their wealth of experience in the tech industry to create a seamless, user-friendly Web3 tool that streamlines blockchain wallet transactions. Looking to optimize their Shopify integration, Redeem sought out Domaine because of the team’s deep, proven knowledge of the platform. The team jumped at the opportunity to develop a Shopify app with an intuitive experience to boost user acquisition.


Building a high fidelity user journey

Redeem provided high-level ideation and prototypical designs which were expanded upon by Half Helix’s guidance and strategy. Keeping customer journey top of mind, the team created high fidelity UX designs mapping out every possible state and edge case. Special care was taken to ensure that the discount systems were being used securely, and that checkout flow did not defer purchase. The resulting app allows merchants to add Redeem to their storefront and creates a token stored on the blockchain for customer discounts.

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Testing discount point systems

Part of Half Helix’s mandate was to ensure Redeem’s token discount points would under no circumstances get lost during checkout, nor prevent checkout altogether. This required a close look at anomalous checkout states and product processing. Staging cart abandonment scenarios allowed the team to ensure that tokens could easily be reclaimed when logging in again, regardless of device. This challenge demanded extensive Shopify knowledge to survey the checkout experience from all angles.

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Using checkout webhooks creatively

Instead of the traditional route of Shopify API, Half Helix made use of Shopify’s webhooks feature in order to track cart and checkout information. The creative approach allowed for more finely-tuned data collection while in a passive state, allowing Redeem to receive notification of events such as cart creation without having to make an explicit request. This led to key learnings on how webhooks can be optimized in specific developmental scenarios, furthering Half Helix’s in depth understanding of Shopify optimization.

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