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Domaine Wins Best Mobile User Experience in the 28th Annual Webby Awards

Visual Design

Domaine wins the Webby People’s Voice Award for Best Mobile UX with their innovative Timex site redesign.


Headshot of Tiffany Le, Brand Marketing Manager at Domaine.

Tiffany Le

Brand Marketing Manager

A graphic featuring yellow and grey rectangles and the Webby Awards logo in the center.

Domaine is proud to announce that we have won the People’s Voice Award for Best Mobile User Experience - Websites and Mobile Sites in the 28th Annual Webby Awards for our work on Timex.

The Webby Awards, renowned as the "Internet's highest honor" by The New York Times, is a prestigious international platform that celebrates excellence on the web. The awards are presented by the International Academy of Digital Arts and Sciences (IADAS), an esteemed body of industry experts including luminaries from Google, Hello Sunshine, Duolingo, and Meta.

Trey, Domaine's VP Creative and Joel, Sr Designer at Domaine are holding a Webby Award in this black and white photograph.

Nick Borenstein, General Manager of The Webby Awards, commended Domaine's achievement, stating, "Domaine has set the standard for innovation and creativity on the Internet. This award is a testament to the skill, ingenuity, and vision of its creators."

The recognition underscores Domaine's commitment to pushing the boundaries of digital experience.

"Our work with Timex exemplifies our philosophy that — when implemented well — innovative visual design is a core part of creating world-class user experiences. To achieve this balance of interactivity and usability, cross-discipline collaboration is fundamental, and it’s very rewarding to see our team recognized for their design and development expertise.“ - Trey Hardin, Domaine VP of Creative
Photo captured during the Webby Award Ceremony in NYC showing the stage and dinner guests.

For this project, Domaine partnered with Timex to revamp its digital presence with a modern and intuitive ecommerce storefront. Domaine helped the iconic American watch brand replatform from Salesforce Commerce Cloud to Shopify, to enhance internationalization and streamline management of their four expansion stores across the US, Canada, UK, and Europe.

Two screenshots of the Timex site, include a desktop screenshot of a PDP and a mobile screenshot of the PLP.

Domaine introduced modern design elements to elevate the user experience of the brand’s digital experience and place an emphasis on storytelling and craftsmanship. From scroll patterns to interaction animations, the website and related mobile experience now offers a luxurious browsing experience, accentuating Timex's brand content. Lifestyle images were integrated into product pages, enhancing product storytelling. Unique features, like toggling between night and day display for watches with INDIGLO® night light, were developed to refine the shopping experience.

Overall, the collaboration between Domaine and Timex resulted in a contemporary digital experience, on both desktop and mobile, that aligns with Timex's ambitious expansion goals, offering users a premium and intuitive shopping journey across international markets.

Domaine's victory also shines a spotlight on the importance of user-centric design when it comes to mobile shopping experiences. While mobile commerce sales accounted for 56% of all retail sales in 2018, Forbes forecasts it’s expected to grow to 62% by 2027. As our reliance on mobile devices grows, ensuring seamless and intuitive experiences is paramount for a scaling business. This achievement not only honors our dedication to excellence but also serves as inspiration for others in the industry to prioritize user satisfaction in their digital endeavors.

About Domaine

Domaine is the world's largest independent Shopify design and development partner. We are a team of commerce experts dedicated to creating, building, and growing beloved and ambitious brands.

As pioneers and not just participants in our industry, we are inspired to write, break, and re-write the rules for a new generation of commerce.

About Timex

In 1854, Timex combined European clockmaking and American ingenuity to take clocks from the mantels of the 1% and bring them to the rest of the world. What truly defines us extends far beyond our heritage - it’s the way our watches have gone from being simple tools to cherished companions. Regardless of how you came to know and love your Timex, it does more than just tell time; it tells your story and reminds you to make time yours.

Tiffany Le

Brand Marketing Manager

Meet Tiffany, Brand Marketing Manager at Domaine. Tiffany started her ecommerce career within fashion, before transitioning to the agency world. Formerly on brand and content marketing teams at SSENSE and Psycho Bunny, she thrives on creative exploration and collaboration. Tiffany lives in Montreal QC, where she's a member of an art collective, often painting, sewing, and snowboarding.

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