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Detail shot of a Timex watch with a leather band


Timex gets a timely update for global expansion by migrating from SFCC to Shopify


Timex, an iconic American brand known for its enduring timepieces, aimed to update and expand its online stores in the US, Canada, UK, and Europe. This involved modernizing design and functionality while migrating customer data from SFCC to Shopify.


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Modernized site design with subtle magical touches

Timex’s existing experience was elevated with modern design features like scroll patterns and interaction animations. Lifestyle images, responsive size guides, and a night display toggle for INDIGLO® watches further enrich the shopping experience.

Desktop screenshot of a hero from Timex's homepage featuring a large watch

Improving product storytelling with Shopify metaobjects

Shopify's new metaobjects feature enabled the display of key features across different product types without manual setup. Pop-out descriptions on PLPs make features easily understandable, while metafields enhance search functionality.

Desktop screenshot of the product page on Timex's site

Smoother localization for the Timex team and customers alike

A flexible theme supports localized releases, product offers, and SEO and marketing efforts. Navigating between regional sites is easy for customers, while the Timex team can quickly switch between Timex and sister brand Guess sites.

Desktop screenshot of the PLP on Timex's site
Timex watch sitting on a table

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