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GUESS Watches

Performing SFCC migration and debuting new website features with Guess Watches


Guess Watches was launched in 1983 as a timepiece-focussed auxiliary line for the iconic Guess label. The brand currently operates as part of the industry-leading watchmaking conglomerate Timex Group. The Guess Watch site was experiencing certain roadblocks due to technical debt and high costs of ownership on their Salesforce Commerce Cloud (SFCC) site. They approached Half Helix to provide a thorough revamp of their digital experience on Shopify. The Half Helix team migrated the brand's order and customer data from SFCC to Shopify, enhancing both design and functionality while unlocking full storytelling potential. Taking a component-based approach, the Half Helix team crafted content blocks that are reusable across multiple pages. The administration experience remained streamlined within a unified theme, and content automation was achieved using Shopify metaobjects. This resulted in a refreshed digital experience to usher in a new e-commerce era for the legacy brand.


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Modernized site design that pulls all the stops

The Half Helix team brought the Guess Watches online shopping experience to the next level with a digitally native design. Scroll patterns and interaction animation design were implemented for a luxurious browsing experience that puts premium watch features on full display. A visual and intuitive navigation was added to the collections menu page for easier browsing and opportunities for product discovery, while lifestyle images were integrated into product display pages to bring more stylistic context into each timepiece landing page.

Desktop screenshot from Guess Watches' homepage hero

Improving product descriptions with Shopify metaobjects

The technical nature of Guess watches requires detailed product description pages that deep dive on relevant features while remaining approachable from a customer perspective. Features such as water resistance and strap type were automatic configured to appear in similar styles. The Half Helix team achieved this by using metaobjects, a new Shopify feature allowing structured, reusable metaobjects to be added and stored within a site.

Desktop screenshot from Guess Watches' product page

Bringing product features to life

Half Helix also optimized PLPs to use native Shopify filters, implementing side pop-ups that further explain watch features. Product features and storytelling content is separated into different content blocks that can be managed on the admin side and dynamically displayed. By integrating with Guess Watches’ Product Information Management (PIM), watch features can be automatically fed to corresponding SKU using metaobjects. The Half Helix team also added the option of dynamically displaying watch face sizes proportionately to the customer’s selected wrist size. This gives the user a better idea of what the timepiece will actually look like on their wrist. Furthermore, the detailed user manuals that accompany each Guess watch were also better organized and displayed using metaobjects, ultimately driving towards a fully-informed shopping experience.

Desktop screenshot from Guess Watches' PLP for Men's watches
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