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A pair of Rothy's shoes on a marble floor


From glamorous A-listers to people who love everyday comfort, Rothy’s appeals to a diverse range of shoppers.


With products made from single-use plastic water bottles and a focus on zero-waste manufacturing, not only are Rothy's collections good for the planet, they look and feel good too. Their team leaned on Half Helix to build an updated web experience and ensure their website meets stringent accessibility standards, both of which are marks of a forward-thinking brand.


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Taking website performance from average to exceptional

We increased Rothy’s website’s load speed by 50% –from 1 second to 0.5 seconds– by implementing 100+ fixes. Ie. splitting CSS into template-specific chunks and rethinking how collections load on pages.

Desktop screenshot of Rothy's homepage hero

A strong commitment to web accessibility

Rothy’s was hyper-focused on becoming ADA compliant. Our development team worked to achieve a AA accessibility rating under Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.1.

Enhancing the user experience

Our team implemented several new features throughout Rothy’s website to make it easier and more engaging for customers to navigate their collections, including robust search capabilities and a wishlist feature. Existing elements were also improved, such as the navigation to create a more intuitive and user-friendly experience.

Desktop screenshot of Rothy's PLP featuring quickview

Increasing efficiency behind the scenes

Prior to partnering with Half Helix, making a development change to the Rothy’s website was a burdensome task for their team. To solve this issue, we focused on simplifying the process so that small fixes could be published quickly and efficiently.

Desktop screenshot of Rothy's PDP for 'The Flat'
Detail shot of someone wearing Rothy's shoes outdoors

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