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A bright store interior showing multiple Stoney Clover Lane products

Stoney Clover Lane

Stoney Clover Lane is a brand founded on bold, bright self-expression across a range of travel accessories


Stoney Clover Lane engaged Domaine to redesign their website and refresh their entire look and feel. We infused their brand DNA into a new style guide, up through an ownable photography direction and total redesign.


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A hand holding a pink Stoney Clover Lane pouch

It Starts with a Pouch

All great ideas are sparked by simplicity, and in this case the travel pouch became the canvas upon which this brand was formed. Massive popular success quickly followed, with famous collabs from Disney to Juicy Couture.

A variety of colors of Stoney Clover Lane pouches piled up on a light background

Our Custom Configurator

The power of these collabs is in the ability for SCL fans to customize limited-edition patches onto a wide variety of pouches, backpacks, pencil holders, you name it. This is done with our custom configurator, where she can load-up her creation from thousands of letterforms and patches. And of course it has to be both easy and fun to use.

Mobile UI Screens
Two girls at a picnic table with various Stoney Clover Lane products

Total Brand Refresh

Stoney Clover Lane appeals to a well heeled audience, conversant in luxury themes and imagery. We defined a photo direction that speaks to product scale and versatility, as well as an editorial direction that placed the product in the context of her lifestyle.

A Stoney Clover Lane bag with badges for SCLU
Stoney Clover Lane brand illustrations

Custom Iconography & Bright New Styleguide

The brand screams for a bright new system, and also a clear and simple framework which can ground the energy of the site. We custom designed every dot-wack, icon, and button into the SCL digital identity, while becoming masters of every nuance of pink imaginable.

Various icons and badges representing Stoney Clover Lane's branding
A collage of many desktop screenshots from Stoney Clover Lane site pages
Various Stoney Clover Lane poolside bags with SCL badges
Various Stoney Clover Lane products piled on a vanity with monogramming reading 'Libby'

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